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Ping Time Targets

Reactive Target Solutions

Target Stands

The Target Stand, Mark 1

A simple stand built to take the abuse of any range out there.  Includes four stake holes.



The Target Stand, Mark 2
Same design as the Mk1 but with welded bungs on the 1x2's and eye bolts to keep your sticks in place.  Includes four stake holes.

The Target Stand, Mark 3
The absolute best target stand on the market!  Tired of your uprights being shot up and having to replace the entire stand?  No worries with our Mk3, now you can simply replace the damaged piece and move on!

$55.00 (Complete stand)

$20.00 (2x4 Upright Assembly)

$20.00 (1x2 Uprights, sold as a pair)

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