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Ping Time Targets

Reactive Target Solutions

Steel Challenge!

You have a lot of options here so we went to the drawing board and made a lot of improvements that result in real world savings for our customers.  Those enhancements include:

-No welding to target faces, this allows you to flip faces around as needed and you dont have to worry about broken welds

-Our improved Mk3 Target Stand allows the use of 2x4's and 1x2's so you truly get a universal stand that can be used for more than one target type and has bolt on pieces so when they get shot up - you dont have to replace the entire stand.

Individual Round Steel Challenge Target Kits:

Includes the desired plate in 3/8" AR500, a 2x4 hanger, and a Mk3 Target Base

10" Steel Challenge Kit





Rectangular Steel Challenge Target Kit:

Includes a 3/8" AR500 plate, a 2x4 hanger, and a Mk3 Target Base

PTT-1824-SCK    18x24 Steel Challenge Kit


Steel Challenge Practice Set

Allows you to build any single stage at one time!

Includes: 4x 18x24 SC Kits, 4x 10" SC Kits, and 5x 12" SC Kits


$1,595.00 MSRP

$1,295.00 Affiliated Steel Challenge Club

Each kit includes the specified target face, t-post bracket, and pin.

6" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 


8" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 


10" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 

12" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 

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