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Ping Time Targets

Reactive Target Solutions

Jay Christiansen
  -Non-Bearded Shooter

I first became interested in competition shooting when I saw 3-gun on TV like many others. I started
shooting individual gun (pistol, rifle, shotgun) matches and after getting comfortable with each discipline
I tried 3-gun for the first time and was immediately hooked. I started going to multiple club matches
every month trying to improve my game and after taking a break to save up for my first house, I dove in
full bore and began attending major matches. I have been training very hard over the past few years to
grow in shooting sports and I hope to continue to excel in 3-gun and expand my major match schedule
in the future. For me, shooting is my escape from the daily grind. It gives me the opportunity to fill my
passion for competition and enjoy the company of the greatest group of people in the world!

Brandon Deem

  -Non-Bearded Shooter

Brandon, born a small boy in a suburban Texas town… Wait wrong story. (This was his idea.)

Brandon has always been a gun guy. He does as much of his own gunsmithing as possible including building all of his AR patterned rifles from 80% lowers, and milling his shotgun loading port. He started competitively shooting 3-Gun in 2015 and loved the speed. Brandon enjoys the mental challenge of stage planning but excels most at high speed rifle hoser stages. Well, that and cracking jokes. 

If you squad with Brandon and don’t have fun, you’re doing something wrong.

Alora Hager

  -Junior Shooter

Full Bio incoming!

An awesome junior shooter that excels in Steel Challenge.

Team OSB

  -Scott Reeh

  -Randy Dillman

  -Jon Warrender 

  -Ashley Sullivan

Growing up on a farm in a small town, Scott Reeh has been shooting and fishing since he was a small boy.  His love of the outdoors drove him to become a fishing guide and has been for many years along the Texas Gulf Coast.  Scott started competing in local IDPA matches in 2011.  His natural ability to shoot and competitive nature drove him to further compete in USPSA, Outlaw 3 Gun, and individual training in Combat Focused Shooting.  He quickly climbed as a competitive level shooter and travels around the State to compete at various levels of matches.  

Scott has become a sponsored shooter for Orr Tactical Custom Ammunition on Team OSB as well as joining Texas based target manufacturer Ping Time Targets.

Randy Dillman is an experienced IDPA shooter who has branched out into USPSA within the last year. Randy's focus within the shooting community has been on expanding the sports through increasing shooting opportunities and bringing new shooters into the shooting sports. Randy was one of the founders of a Houston area shooting club that grew into one of the largest shooting clubs in the area. Randy has also worked matches as a Safety Officer and Match Director at the local, state, and national levels. 

He currently hosts weekly matches that are open to shooters of all skill levels with incentives for shooters who bring in new shooters. Randy has also started a program where he and other competitive shooters work with students from LTC classes to teach them the safe gun handling skill that are necessary for  competitive shooting and for defensive uses.

Although he grew up working dairy farms and exploring the outdoors in Connecticut, Jon Warrender had little exposure to firearms until he joined the U.S. Army. During part of his 6 years of service, Jon was stationed at Fort Meyer, Virginia in the Presidential Honor Guard. While in the service Jon met the love of his life and moved to Houston, TX to start a family and work as a machinist at engineering firm.

In 2013, Jon decided to enter entered the competitive shooting world and in just three years won 16 awards at various State and Regional Level matches.

Jon has a passion to put more back into the shooting world than he receives. He spends countless hours on ranges coaching new shooters. He is a huge advocate of the Texas License to Carry program and has acted as a mentor to dozens of people entering that program. He has worked and shot countless local IDPA and USPSA matches over the last three years all while looking for opportunities to expand the sports and welcome new shooters to them.

Ashley West-Sullivan started competitive shooting in 2010 at her local range, Pearland Shooting Club. In 2014, she decided to take her shooting to a new level by accepting an invitation to shoot at The International Defensive Pistol Association Nationals with the A Girl and A Gun squad. Shooting that match fully-implanted the competitions shooting “bug” into her! Since 2014 she has shot six top-tier IDPA matches, three sanctioned USPSA matches, and began training with her mentor, Jim Duncan, a USPSA A-Class shooter with over 25 years competitive shooting experience.

 In 2016, Ashley created her shooter page, Ashley - Shoot Them All, to help advertise the shooting matches in the south Texas area in hopes to attract more people into the realm of shooting sports. Her page is used to promote all of the sports – IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, PASS, and outlaw matches.


Ashley understands the importance of giving back to the shooting sports. In addition to her Facebook page, she is a certified NRA Range Officer, an IDPA Safety Officer, and a USPSA Range Officer. She volunteers to officiate her local matches every weekend and has worked sanctioned matches as well.