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Ping Time Targets

Reactive Target Solutions

Each hanging gong kit includes the specified target face with hanger and 2 rebar forks.

4" Round Hanging Gong Kit: 
6" round Hanging Gong Kit: 
8" Round Hanging Gong Kit: 
8" Teardrop Hanging Gong Kit: 
10" Round Hanging Gong Kit: 
Hanging Kit (2 pieces): 

Note:  #4 rebar not included

The .22KYL is here!!!

You don't have to sped a lot to get a quality .22 KYL that will last.  Our setup is made from 3/8" AR500, not mild steel rod medallions like some others.  Set it on your range, set it on your pond, a great way to teach marksmanship skills to the young and the old!

Work your way from the "easy" 4" round target all the way down to the 1/2" round target...if you dare!

8 targets total starting at 4" and working its way down to 1/2" in half inch increments.

Each set includes:

    - 8 targets as described above

    - 1 Hanging Kit (2 forks)




   - #4 Rebar is required for setup (5x 4' pieces) but is not included

    -Not centerfire rifle or centerfire pistol certified

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