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Ping Time Targets

Reactive Target Solutions

Target Kits include the specified static target face, 2x4 hanging system, pin, and a Mk3 Target Stand.

Fullsize IPSC Torso Target Kit:


2/3 IPSC Torso Target Kit: 


Fullsize IPSC Classic Kit:


3/4 IPSC Classic Target Kit: 


FBI Q-Plate Target Kit: 


Each hanging gong kit includes the specified target face with hanger and 2 rebar forks.

4" Round Hanging Gong Kit: 
6" round Hanging Gong Kit: 
8" Round Hanging Gong Kit: 
8" Teardrop Hanging Gong Kit: 
10" Round Hanging Gong Kit: 
Hanging Kit (2 pieces): 

Note:  #4 rebar not included

Each kit includes the specified target face, t-post bracket, and pin.

6" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 


8" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 

10" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: 
12" Round T-Post Hanger Kit: